Meet Shawn


AuthorImage I’m the grand-daughter of a preacher. He had an amazing spirit, always trusted God, and saw the miracles around him. While I am not a religious person at all, I think I have a bit of that “preacher” (aka wanting to share insight and to help and inspire others) in me.

Probably the single most important fact in my life is that my life  changed in 1988 when I got clean and sober. I was 22 years old and had absolutely nothing in my life (other than a love for the Grateful Dead, which I still have.) That journey continues as I still go to meetings, read the literature, do step work, and work with others. I have to, and I want to.

I have lived in many places in the Continental US, and spent 6 1/2 years on Guam, where I met my husband. After we moved back to the mainland (landing in Atlanta, GA) and got married in 1995, we hit the road to discover where we wanted to live. The moment we crossed into Oregon, we knew we were home. A couple of bald eagles sat on a fence to greet us.

I have had many jobs from working at McDonald’s to managing a steak house to being a lab and field archaeologist to working as a SCUBA diver for a tourist submarine. During that time, I tried on many different personas, and today I am a conglomeration of what I have experienced for the last 50+ years. I try to be as real and authentic as I possibly can in all situations. As a sponsor liked to say, I want to be a crayon rather than a pencil. When you break a crayon, it is the same color all the way through.

What do my days look like? I am a crappy housewife who loves to play Assassin’s Creed and the Elder Scrolls on Xbox. I love to hang-out with a little group called the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) and study medieval times and earlier. I work as an online content writer and have written two novels. Southern Oregon is the absolutely best place for me to be, and I like to travel. I’ve never been to Europe, but I’ve been to Australia and Japan.

I am about diversity and unity, quiet contemplation and being out in the world. I’m amazed by the energy that holds the electron cloud and the infinite variations and replications of space. I care about what is going on here, right now. I care about Black Lives Matter, health care for ALL, education for all ages, free public university, and religious rights for everyone (yes, there is beauty in all religions).

In short, I’m a bleeding heart liberal raised by a man who used to travel to listen to Dr. King speak. I was raised with those values. My mom showed me that it’s possible to be a single mom and earn a Ph.D. I never felt pressured to be or act a certain way. I felt that the only thing they really wanted for me was to be happy.

We are all studies in contradictions. I love many things. Write what you know; write what you love. Namaste.


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