30 Years Sober


On August 21, 2018, I celebrated 30 years sober. The secret? Don’t drink and don’t die.

It’s that simple, and that difficult.

You know what? It works if you work it, and it doesn’t work if I don’t. I’m reminded of that yet again when it comes to meditation.

We are moved into our new house. At least… all our stuff is here. We still have a long way to go before the house is settled. And the weird thing is… it’s still just sitting here. I guess I was hoping a magic fairy would come in while I was asleep and find places for everything and put everything in its place, but that hasn’t happened. More to the truth, I was hoping that the rest of the family would do the work that is mine to do. Nope. I have to do the work.

During all the chaos, meditation was the first activity to get dropped. You know, I have all these things to do. And who would have thought, my son also stopped doing his meditation. Strangely enough, my son and I have been arguing and at each other. I don’t know why. Yeah, it’s his fault, right? He’s not doing his meditation. So what if I’m not doing it either.

So, back to Day 1 of meditation. My son told me that the voice on the app I was having him use was annoying. (Not my opinion. I LOVE the Australian accent.) So I googled “meditation for young men.” I ended up settling on a site called Mindfulness for Teens.

So here I am, 3 decades of sobriety, sitting at my desk in a room full of unpacked boxes. Life still happens. Love, joy sorrow, pain, happiness, gratitude. The gift I get is to live this life. I marvel at the wonderful house God has brought me to, and I know that as long as I don’t get in the way to screw everything up, everything will be OK.


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