Like Learning the Violin…


I heard someone say that early recovery is like learning to play a musical instrument. At first, it’s so hard, and nothing makes sense, and your fingers hurt, and frankly, it’s not much fun. But once you get the hang of it, it becomes easier and enjoyable.

I kept thinking about how that analogy continues. A great joy of most musicians is sharing their music with others, and a great joy of many people in recovery is to work with newcomers and share what they have learned.

And sometimes, things don’t always work out right. Strings do break. This may seem like a tragedy to the new player, and learning to replace a string seems almost overwhelming. But after a while, they learn how to handle these little bumps in the road with barely a passing thoughts, just as we in recovery learn to handle life’s ups and downs without getting too excited.

And some days, it just feels awkward. And some days are challenging, like when learning a new composition. As we go through life’s phases, we gain an understanding that we will be able “to get through this.” We keep learning, keep making music, keep growing spiritually.

And when we learn to play together, in harmony, we make magic.


One thought on “Like Learning the Violin…

  1. Cynthia

    I like this analogy. And yes, recovery does become enjoyable. The hard work becomes a more natural and fulfilling lifestyle. It certainly gives us new verses in a beautiful new song to sing! And yes, indeed the symphonic harmony of voices joining together in a thundering crescendo. You have me all excited now with this musical theme. There’s the joy of recovery! I’m ready to face the day…..

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