Reach Out… Please, Reach Out.


Please know that you are not alone. If no-one knows the trouble you are having, no-one can help.

I got to witness a tremendous outpouring of love tonight. A woman came to a meeting, broken, afraid, spiritually and physically hungry. She sat by herself, then told a little of her story. She was in crisis and it was heartbreaking. I did not want her to sit alone.

I got up and sat beside her. I felt like I was holding a safe place for her. She reached for my hand and held it tight and cried.

After the meeting, she was surrounded by loving and caring women. I saw the truth of the saying, “We will love you until you can love yourself.”

It felt like a tremendous gift to be there and I felt honored that she felt safe enough to reach out and accept our gifts.

If you see someone who is hurting, reach put and offer a space for them to connect with another human being. If you are hurting, reach out and give others the gift of letting God work through them. We are all connected. Compassion is the key.


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