Where Have I Been?


It has been over a month and a half since I posted! Kindof like going to meetings, the longer I don’t post the harder it is to write a post.

Have I thought about it? Yes, many times. I have written so many posts in my head, but the transition to actually sitting at the computer to write has failed. Maybe I was feeling a need to protect myself? Maybe the excitement of walking again made me forget how important it is to ME to post. Maybe I’ve been shut down by the chaos in my head.

Whatever the reason, I need to get over it!

Today, I am living in the absolute assurance that my Higher Power has me enveloped in his loving grace. I am safe and protected.

I had been so caught up in the drama surrounding my son that I had completely neglected myself. You know the “I’m OK. My kids’ needs come before anything.” I really thought I was OK. For alcoholics and addicts, the emphatic “I’m fine” is usually a dangerous place to be.

So, I have taken action. After needing those months to heal my physical body from the car accident, I am in a phase where I need to focus on healing my mental and spiritual bodies.

I temporarily removed myself from a harmful environment so that I can settle and again have loving compassion for those around me instead of reacting to their insanity. I am so full of gratitude today for the people around me whose love and support are carrying me through. May you have a blessed day.


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