Perfect Day


Wood smoke lingered in the early afternoon air while bare branches whisked across the cerulean sky. I took a walk outside for the first time in three months… since the accident.

My gait was slow, aided with a cane, as I worked to push off with the ball of my foot to propel each step forward. I felt like I was marching with a purpose: remember to bend the knee, flex as much as possible, then the heel strike.

Definitely a haiku moment. I remembered to breathe in the fresh air deeply. My daughter and I, accompanied by a German Shepherd and a Jack Russell, took a short walk to a park a few blocks from our house. It felt like such a rare and unique moment, me walking, outside, with my little dog.

I wanted to tell everyone, “Hey! I’m walking again! Look at me!”

I topped 2,000 steps today. I’ll celebrate these small victories, right after I ice and elevate my ankle. The world smiled for me today.


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