How To Share Good News?


Yesterday, I was very happy and content. I had some very real stressers, things that I could not see the solution to, yet I had absolute Faith that everything would work out OK. It was easy to share about those feelings of uncertainty.

Today, I received an incredibly generous and unsuspected gift. Many of the things I was painfully anxious about are now taken care of. I feel… humbled? Blessed? Grateful? I’m afraid to talk about my good news because… am I bragging? I don’t want others to feel bad?

And then, as I’m writing this, I’m remembering what I posted almost 2 weeks ago: God Gives. It was a quote about how God will never give me what belongs to someone else. That reminds me to be humble and accept this gift with a full and thankful heart. It’s not anything special about me in particular, but it’s about God’s plan unfolding in my life.

Miracles do happen. Everyday. My prayer is that your life is full of abundance and prosperity. May you accept the gifts offered and see how you can add joy to this thing called life.


3 thoughts on “How To Share Good News?

  1. I have struggled with this issue as well – not wanting to come off as grandiose. I had a particular concern about sharing about some of the service commitments I carry out – not wanting the “well aren’t you special” church lady reaction. But I do think it is important to share both the good and the bad as it were. If we do not share the successes of recovery, then it can come off as being just too much doom and gloom.

    In sum, I do think it is important to show that good things happen in life when working a recovery program, or simply being proactive.

    Congratulations on your good news!

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