Majority Of White Americans Say They Believe Whites Face Discrimination : NPR


A new NPR poll finds 55 percent of whites believe the discrimination against white people exists, echoing a sentiment heard repeatedly on the 2016 campaign trail.

Source: Majority Of White Americans Say They Believe Whites Face Discrimination : NPR

I’ve been staying away from social/political discussions here because others are much more qualified than I am, but this article absolutely disgusted and infuriated me into action. While I’m sure that some people who happen to be white have been discriminated against, I’m equally sure that, the majority of the time, it was for a reason(s) other than race.

I am in a unique position to discuss this. I am white and my son is black. I definitely led (lead) a privileged life. I usually get the benefit of the doubt, people believe what I say, and I received quality education my whole life. I have always been encouraged and supported in whatever I chose to do.

When my son was about 3 years old, we were walking to the park near our house. A car turned the corner ahead of us and headed our way. When they saw us, the car slowed to a crawl, and all three people in the car stared at us. They were young white men, the very angry faces of young white men. I felt their hate like a punch in the gut. A sudden terror came over me that we were going to be hurt simply because of the color of my son’s skin.

Thankfully, they continued to drive by. (Our newspapers are full of instances when the angry white young men did not continue to drive by.) Later (that day? that week?) I learned that a group of violent white supremacists were in town and were staying very close to my neighborhood.

That day opened my eyes to the profound differences in the day-to-day experience of white Americans compared to black (or other minority group) Americans. I never before or since experienced anything even remotely like that based on the color of my (white) skin.

It’s no secret that many Americans are having a tough time right now. When so much money and power is held in the hands of so few, it is inevitable that the majority will be left out. I’m sure it’s frustrating to be a hard worker and not have a job. It’s only natural to look for a reason why.

People in political power had a ready-made excuse to feed them: race was the reason why whites were having hard times in America. ‘Our’ President has willfully led others to believe that our problems are solely due to the influx of minorities in this country. But the opposite is true. It’s not minorities taking your money and jobs. It’s the system designed by the 1% to keep you from having money and jobs

This mis-direction is genius. It blinds the ‘victims’ to what is leading so many Americans to a degraded standard of living: Trump and people like him using privilege and power to increase their wealth and power at the expense of the majority of Americans.

The more he gets, the more he amplifies the illusion that it’s minorities taking away something. The more he gets you looking at this distraction, the better able he is to take from you what he wants.

Please, take a moment to look deeper at the problems facing our society. Blacks and other minorities are being discriminated against, hurt, and killed simply because of the color of their skin.

I see that the majority of the actions Trump is taking are designed to provide him and his fellows more money, more freedom, and more power… at your expense. Don’t take the bait that it’s about race.


3 thoughts on “Majority Of White Americans Say They Believe Whites Face Discrimination : NPR

  1. Shawn, you are as qualified as any to write about this issue and you have done well with this post. Trump and cronies are creating this chaotic circus to do exactly what you’re saying. Pit the less fortunate against each other while they line their pockets. It’s an old game that the top 1% are perfecting. Those of us who trust in the magnanimity of the rich are fools.

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