Sunday Quote: God Gives


God will never give you what someone else is supposed to have.  –Tyrese Gibson

When I was foggy after surgery and on powerful pain meds, this sentence somehow cut through my foggy brain. It may have been via radio, podcast, TED talk, or somewhere else. I just know that I heard this. (I thought it was Prince EA, but Google says Tyrese Gibson.)

It’s about jealousy. I have had times when I felt like I should have gotten what someone else got, like winning a contest, getting recognition, etc.. I do my best to be happy for other people, and remembering this quote helps me do that.

The flip side, of course, is that God will never give someone else what I am supposed to have. Remembering that can help relieve me of fear. Acting on fear that I might not get what I think I need, I can try to manipulate the situation, maybe break rules or not tell all the truth. That almost  always ends badly for me.

So, really, the only choice I have is to keep doing what is in front of me to do. I trust that God is guiding me along the right path as I trudge this road to happy destiny

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Quote: God Gives

  1. Reminds me that I need to keep my eyes on my own paper, right? My HP always has my best interests at heart and his timing is always perfect. Although, I seem to want to argue those two points when I’m wanting or waiting.

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