Writing Discipline


I am feeling uninspired. One thing I’ve been reading a lot lately, from different sources, is: do it anyway. I set a goal more than a month ago to edit my second novel using YWriter, a free editing program designed to help keep track of different elements in your manuscript.

But… It’s WORK. I find that I will open the program, look at a couple things, get overwhelmed by the hundreds of pages of work ahead of me, then minimize the program and play some stupid game on the computer. Well, of course, I’ll never reach my goal that way.

This morning, someone reminded me of the book “The Artist’s Way,” and its suggested ‘morning pages.’ It can help prime the pump and get all the junk out of the way to make the path clear for that cool water.

I was also reminded of how important it is to be in the moment, to be mindful, so that when the mythical tomorrow comes, I can look back and be satisfied. That lesson applies to everything.

So now, I ask myself:

  • What have I done today to continue on the path of spiritual progress?
  • What have I done to further myself toward my goals?
  • What have I learned today?
  • Or did I just “stay numb” with busy-ness and distractions?

2 thoughts on “Writing Discipline

  1. A bit of advice I got in academia a bunch of years ago was to discipline myself to write two pages every day. Even if I threw 75% of them away, I would still end up with a bunch of worthwhile stuff. And yes, I completely concur on the morning pages – that stream of consciousness helps get some real truths out on paper that can be quite inspirational. In fact, I am finding that much of my blog writing today is coming from snippets I am getting out of morning page thoughts.

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  2. Golly gee, Shawn, the ole writer’s block maybe? I’m like that quite often, I want to write but can’t think of anything that piques my interest. What often works for me is to read other blog posts, the national news, and my daily source of inspiration. Grab on to an item that makes you think, start writing a first paragraph even if you have no idea where it is going. Voila! in about another 500 words you have a post.

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