Please, Share Your Healing Gifts


I was feeling a little restless earlier today, so decided to try meditating. I just closed my eyes and practiced being, letting go of the need to do anything. Just being, aware, breathing, until I truly felt a calmness, a centered-ness.

I remembered when I was in the trauma room right after the car accident. I was writhing, trying to somehow get away from the pain. There was a moment when it was just me and a male nurse. I think he might have been new.

He asked me something like, “I can lead you in a guided meditation if you’d like?”

Yes. Yes, please. I don’t remembered anything he said. I only remember hanging on to his words as I descended into a place of peace. Not fighting the pain, and not being overwhelmed by it.

This man took a risk. I’m pretty sure it was not in his job description, but he took that moment and gave me the gift of himself. He was fully in the moment and was able to truly help me cope.

I don’t know his name, and was not able to thank him. But I want to share with anyone reading: we need a more compassionate, empathetic world. When you feel an urge to share a word of encouragement, touch someone’s hand, offer a sliver of condolence, allow yourself to give that comfort. Please, do it.

(For more about the change we need in the world, you can read John Pavlovitz’ blog post, When Cruelty Is Trending.)

Sometimes I think, “I’m not a ‘real’ healer. I have no training.” or “what right do I have?” or maybe, “what if they reject me or think I’m silly or ridiculous?” I’m so grateful that man allowed himself to be a conduit of spirit. So, please, pass it on.



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