Checking My Direction


I’ve been feeling like I have strayed from some of the purposes/goals I set when (re)starting this blog. So I decided to look back at some earlier posts.

My intentions were rather vague, primarily to redefine what I am doing and where I want to go. Although I did not really emphasize the fact, one of the things I dearly want to do is to find a publisher for my novel. I committed to a process of editing my novel with help of a particular software program.

While I do feel like writing this blog is getting me closer to my goal, the real work is in doing the actual editing. I decided that I would write a post today titled “Checking My Direction.” With just the title written, I took a break.

After a couple of hours break, I came across this article, “If You’re Too Busy For These 5 Things: Your Life Is More Off-Course Than You Think.”  It talked about how failing to correct small directional missteps can lead to being majorly off-course. A quote from the article follows:

How are you piloting your life?

What feedback are you receiving to correct your course?

How often do you check your guidance system? Do you even have a guidance system?

Where is your destination?

When are you going to get there?

Are you currently off-course? How long have you been off-course?

How would you know if you are on the right course?

How can you minimize the turbulence and other conditions distracting your path?

The article goes on with concrete suggestions to get back on track. Yet another slap in the face for me to ‘wake up.’ I do feel like I have made progress toward organizing, at least a little bit, but then I stopped. I made some progress towards editing my novel, but then I stopped.

What I have continued to do is to devote at least some time, each day, to “deep work.’ Primarily, it has been around recovery issues, which is good. And I can do more.

Everything is serendipitous. Everything is synchronicitous. I remind myself about how my life is centered on how I can be of maximum service to Spirit and helping my fellow humans.

I could get stressed out, but then realized the synchronicity of today’s events: This morning I reread a previous post about finding my direction (which mentions “deep work,”), then I titled my current (at the time unwritten) post “Checking My Direction,” then I came across an article about, literally, continually checking and adjusting my direction, then, in that article, it talked about “deep work…” Full circle.

Like a circle in a spiral like a wheel within a wheel…

While this may not mean anything to you, it means everything to me. When things come together like this, that is my guidance. All I need to do is to stay ‘awake,’ seek, look deeply, and do what is in front of me.

May you find your guidance today and be led toward your greatest good.

Photo from NASA


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