Racism in Medieval Times


Today, I am sick of myself, so I decided to explore articles about one of my favorite subjects, Medieval Studies. I love learning and researching, which is part of why I love the Society for Creative Anachronism. 

I am also interested in and sensitive to race issues. While I would not call myself an activist, I stay aware in my daily life of racial issues and will not tolerate racists jokes or statements and try to raise awareness about institutional racism.

Today, these two interests collided when I came upon a website called The Public Medievalist.  They are doing a series of articles called “Race, Racism, and the Middle Ages.” The quote below is from the ‘introductory’ article titled Race, Racism, and the Middle Ages: Tearing Down the “Whites Only” Medieval World.

The goal of this series is to expose and tear down the white-supremacist-tainted version of the Middle Ages, and to lift up some of the stories of those medieval people of color you may not have heard of before.

I am not an expert or a scholar, but I look forward to delving into this topic and sharing what I find. This is part of my commitment to living my life more fully, following my passions, and being true to myself.

I hope I don’t geek out to the point of boring folks, but I find that studying leads me to understandings that enhance my life and my sobriety.  I encourage anyone reading this to commit to follow your passion. At the end of the day, I am much more satisfied after reading and learning than if I had just played computer games all day. (And now, it’s time to escape to play some stupid computer games!)


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