If I Got What I Deserved…


I am so grateful that I didn’t get exactly what I deserved. God/Spirit/Universe is so much greater than that.

The only thing I did to “deserve” the incredible gifts I have received was to be open to the merciful generosity of the Universe. Before I got sober, I was a master of manipulation. I could not see beyond myself. I never looked for what I could do for another human.

Tonight I received a beautiful gift. Because I am house-bound from the car accident, several women friends (from 12 step programs) brought a meeting to my home. The fellowship was precious, and it lifted my spirits to hear the familiar words being read and listen to what others had to share.

What came after was unexpected. One of the women knew that my hair had gotten horribly tangled, so they set up shop. Two women spent over an hour working on my hair, and the other two put themselves to work folding clothes and cleaning the kitchen.

It may seem simple, but these small acts of generosity made a huge impact. This is just one of the many gifts of sobriety. My Higher Power is not a “tit for tat” kind of God. There is no score keeping. I find that the more I give to others, the more I am open to God’s abundance flowing in.

I am tired right now. Being “up” for three hours is a lot for me these days. But I will sleep so peacefully knowing that I have women in my life who are there for me. I just have to reach out and say “YES” to the gifts flowing in.


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