The Universe Affirms


It seems a constant that when I make a step toward my true self, the universe affirms that action. Yesterday, I wrote, in part, about how I am ready to step forward and let my voice be heard. I will say the things I feel compelled to say, and if I’m lucky, someone, somewhere might benefit from that. It is not from me, but guided by my higher power.

One of the first things I saw on Facebook this morning was:

Borrowed, shared from an amazing woman of truth!
The eclipse opened the way to step firmly into your voice, your intuition, your power. Speak-up, feel it, do it

I come to this blog with the desire to “continue to grow along spiritual lines,” and to begin a regular writing ‘practice. I’m looking at a fairly long road to being able to walk again. Here I hope to remind myself how generous spirit is.




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