Starting Vision Therapy


(**This post is from a couple years ago. We did see huge progress, but had to stop for financial reasons. I hope to re-pick-up this thread at some point.


Today we start Vision Therapy for our son. I am hopeful, nervous, and relieved. The hope is that I believe VT will help my son’s enjoyment and success in life, as well as helping him in school.**)

In the medical world, Vision Therapy is controversial. There are no scientific studies (meaning double blind study with a control group not receiving therapy). Of course there aren’t. It would be cruel to deny a group of kids the benefits of VT. Perhaps someone could do some short term studies, but I have no medical training or experience.

Vision Therapy could more accurately be described at Visual Processing Therapy. Because of my adopted son’s prenatal history, there are reasons why some areas of his development were impaired. Our evaluation looked specifically for some visual processing development markers, such as “closure,” which gives the child an incomplete picture and challenges them to pick what the completed picture would look like.

NY Times magazine article, “Concocting a Cure for Kids with Issues


What is Vision Therapy?


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