Working Mom


Last post I indicated that I was re-entering the work force. That has happened, and my house has gone to hell.

The first couple months I chalked it up to the ‘learning curve.’ My skills were rusty, and I was writing for a site that had very specific guidelines. I was probably making between $1 and $3/hour when I started, but within a couple months I figured out their system and was able to get projects done much more quickly.

My husband put up with me… and our deteriorating home. Fast forward 6 months, and what has happened to my home? While my self esteem rose from finally doing what I have always wanted to do–make money from writing–I was also getting dragged down by my accumulating clutter. Those paychecks were a high, but that high was quickly doused when I looked around my house.

The solution? Balance. That is what I need to focus on. Get household chores done first, then I can write as much as I want. That is my goal. We’ll see what happens.


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