Field Trips


I think homeschooling has become a way of life. It’s taking advantage of every moment to help my children (and myself) expand our worlds and gain new knowledge. Whether it’s to the grocery story or out of the country, there are teaching moments everywhere.

Yesterday I drove 11 hours round-trip so my daughter and her friend could go see the Highland Games in Portland, Oregon. This might sound crazy to some, but seemed perfectly normal to me. It was a little piece of Scottish history. Even the merchants offered learning opportunities: research your family crest, sample Scottish food, learn about all the things that can be done with sheep’s wool, learn about Scottish music.

Kids learn so much more about how farming works by visiting a working farm. We would plan outings to go places such as Science Works, Oregon CavesCrater Rock Museum, Rogue Creamery, and many more. But as this becomes a way of life, we find those learning moments in all our travels.

A while back we went to Los Angeles to visit a friend and go to the Los Angeles County Museum for the King Tut Exhibit. My friend told me later how fun it was watching me go into “teacher mode” with my daughter, referring back to studies we had done at home prior to our visit. I didn’t even realize it.

Traveling is a great way to teach geography and history. Kids can hone their map reading skills. I think that by constantly looking for new experiences our whole family continues to learn and make personal growth. Besides, it sure was fun watching those brawny men try to fling a telephone pole to make it turn over. Sure beats sitting in a classroom!


One thought on “Field Trips

  1. I totally agree. We’ve been so many places that we probably would not have gone if my daughter was in a brick and mortar classroom. Also I find myself finding everything as a teaching opportunity and my kids find questions in EVERYTHING haha


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