Pending Calamity, but keeping my Serenity


Today (actually, last night) I received an email with potentially very bad news. It involves trustees, lawyers, and about $17,000. The email said to call to make an appointment for a phone conference. I did that, and now I must wait.

Depending how this issue is resolved, it may nullify 5 years of hard work and put our finances in serious jeopardy. Or, it may mean our 5 years paid off and we can move on to bigger financial goals. I have no control over this situation, but there is footwork I can do (and did).

This is definitely a “trust god” situation. I use lower case god because god is so many things, so many forms, so many names, to so many different people. Anyway, I can only live my life today, the best I can. Today I trust god to work through the minds and hearts of others to bring the right solution at the right time. For now? I guess I just need to do the dishes.


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