History textbooks suck!


Last year my daughter and I had a horrible time with the History textbook that we had chosen. We “play” in an organization called the Society for Creative Anachronism. We dress up in medieval clothes and do medieval things. We have an emphasis on *authenticity*, so there is a lot of research involved.

Our participation in the SCA gives us unique viewpoints and insights into European History. Because of this, we find a lot of inaccuracies in the text and get very frustrated with over-emphasis on Europe, and what the Royals did, and little to no time on other cultures (especially the Persian and Ottoman empires), and no societal context of these seemingly random events. When I “do” history, I want to understand what was happening socially, technologically, geologically. I want to *experience* history, not just read about the highlights.

This year, we need to study US History, and I’m not finding a textbook or online curriculum that will fit our needs. I’m wondering if there are any suggestions out there about US History textbooks/curricula (High School level).

When it comes to the Civil War, I want to read about what was happening as far as the Kansas/Nebraska Act, and how the debate of whether or not to allow new states to be slaveholders and how these things were factors that led up to the war. I don’t want just a list of dates and names of battles (although everyone should know about Antietam.) I’m looking for a textbook that includes the Native American, African American, Asian American, etc. perspectives, and not just the perspective of the white, middle-class male. Is that too much to ask?


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